Rabu, 10 Februari 2016

Education to Build a Better Future for All

             Each generation have their own complex problems, every country have their own problem, and of the most important problem is education. Education is a common but very important problem that will never vanish anytime, anywhere. It is really important because it’s like a human task to invent or discover something, and for that, we need a high education. I’m not saying that only educated people can “invent” or “discover” but, educated person tend to have more curiosity and have many ways to discover or invent something. But, should the education system remain the same for every generation or not?
            Well of course, every generation should have a different method/system/subject to learn, we won’t have any better future if we keep studying what people from previous generation learnt, if they study and invent computer for our generation and we have the same system with them, then our generation won’t invent anything new. So that’s why I think education system is really important for each generation.
            So, what kind of education that we need for our generation. I think one of the most important is technology. Technology is really important for our LIFE nowadays, but somehow we still need to do something traditionally and ineffective. For example, we need to make a poster/flyer with our pencil and crayon, which is unnecessary because there are computer software to make that and probably have a better quality. So why we need to keep learning that? We could learn how to make a poster with computer, we learn about composing image, picking color, harmony and more. So, learning technology or with technology is important for ourselves so we can make a better technology or product.
            The next important thing is Leadership education. In my opinion, leadership doesn’t need to be the one that keep becoming a leader, but the one that can moves/motivate their group. We have many smart people that has many ideas in their head, but can’t express them because lack of leadership. Or maybe many people that want to be a leader and have a plan for their group that only he/she can lead, but don’t brave enough to do it. So that’s why people that choose to be conducted is increasing, while people with high leadership is decreasing. People that choose to be conducted usually want to be leader or at least have an Idea for their group, but can’t or don’t want to tell it maybe because they are shy, unconfident or maybe just don’t want to be choosen as a leader because his idea. They think people will disagree or laugh at their idea, and end up thinking “it’s a terrible idea”, so they just keeping to theirselves. But who knows? Maybe their idea can make a great impact for their group, or even maybe for the world. So that’s why education about Leadership is important, so many great ideas that can make a better future is delivered and could be realized. Imagine a group full of people that has many idea and has a plan to realize their idea, then they work together to realize each of their idea and those great ideas make a big impact for the future, maybe that’s how/why a brand company can make many variety of awesome stuffs.
            And the last, of course it has to be academic education. All I have in mind for a better future is a better technology, that’s why I think Technology and leadership education Is important for a better future. But, we won’t have any of those if we lack of academic education. We can’t make a better technology if we can’t understand basic science and math. Many people think we don’t need to learn science or math because we have computer, while actually this computer was made by science and math. So if we give up learning academic education, it we won’t understand how those technology works, therefore, we can’t make a better and futuristic technology for the future.
Leadership is also affected by academy education. People with lack academic education won’t have a great idea as many as educated person. Because educated person usually have a great curiosty while knowing knowing or at least have an idea how to fulfill his curiosity because they learnt science/math. While people who can’t understand science/math only can think what they want to make, but have no idea how to make it. People with lack academic education also usually don’t have enough confidence or communication skill to persuade others to realize his idea. That’s why Academic Education is very important to achieve those both Leadership and Technology skill, to make a better technology for a better future.

That’s my opinion about education that our generation need to make a better future.

Rabu, 13 Januari 2016

Smartphones Era

"Mobile phones have made life worse, not better."

            Mobile phones or gadgets are one of many modern technology that people have nowadays. It comes with a various shape, size, color, function, feature, and of course, price. Some people use their phones for texting and calling, while the others use it for their daily activities and their lifestyle. Nowadays, it seems that almost everyone including old people, kids, and even poor people have at least one. Well this is reasonable because now there are many cheap phones from a famous brand, and many expensive phones too but with more feature and better design. But, having a phone as one of the lifestyle nowadays make many people think that mobile phones / smarphones / gadget are not good for their life, many people thinks it was better when phones is not as importance as nowadays. People addicted to it, spend more money from it, waste a lot of times in front of their phones. But, is smartphones really that bad? Are there only a few good things comes from this revolution of technology?
            Well I admit that we spend more time with our gadgets rather than go outside and socialize with others and these phones makes us “addicted”. But, we can use these phones for socialize without even meeting face to face, I mean isn’t that better than have to travel a long way just to meet somebody? Or have go to nearby payphone and pay some money just too call a friends for only 5 minutes? This technology make people from far away closer to us, it really easy to communicate now, we can talk to people from anothers country, we can send a message without going to mailpost. It’s a good thing. But does it takes away our social life? I don’t think so, there are few people that really “addicted” with smartphones and refuse to go outside, I personally use my phones to keep in touch with my friends, we make a plan about hanging out together via our smartphones. I think it’s better than not having any phones, we can still have our social live with the help of this advanced technology.
            Do we spend more money in this smartphones era? Yes of course, these smartphones are really expensive and not worth the money, if you CHOOSE the expensive one. I mean, these phones are expensive because of reason, branding, cool design, durable hardware, HD screen, high memory and RAM, High Resolution Camera, and of course many feature (microsoft office, movie maker, photo editor, web remote desktop, and many more), and of course people will think it’s expensive if they don’t understand what makes them expensive, or because they don’t use any feature from those smartphones. The most expensive phone now is around 6-7 millions IDR with a lot of feature and function, and these feature is not meant for everyone. So, if you use your phones only for websurfing, calling, and texting, of course spending that amount of money is just wasting your money. Just like me for example, my phone is around 3 million, and i bought it in the second condition, why? I think that phone is enough for me, it has enough battery duration, memory, and feature. Because I only use my phone only for Flash Drive, read an E-Book, Email, texting, web surfing, phone calls, and some application that help me with my daily activities such as Reminder, Alarm, universal remote. So, what I trying to say is, there are no expensive phones, you just have to choose it wisely, if you don’t need those 7 millions worth feature, then just pick anything else. There are many really cheap phones from a famous brand (Microsoft and Samsung), with only around 1-2 million you can have your own smartphones.
            So, Mobile phones or gadgets, are really useful, it’s one of the best innovation of all the time, almost anything can be done with the help of gadget (and internet). So, spending some of your money for this cool stuffs is not really bad. So, the addiction, the bad effects, or anything bad comes from gadgets are mostly our faults, this tech are made for us, by ourselves. We just have to use it wisely and it will become the most helpful technology with a lot of function. Then, from all the words I wrote above, you can assume that I really disagree with the “Mobile phones make our lives worse” statement. I’m really grateful that I live in this mobile phones era, which anything can be done easier with modern technology, especially Smartphones and the internet. But it doesn't mean this generation is lazy, we just able to develop and use technology better.

Great Time in Sukapura Village

Wassup guys? Not long ago, we just comeback from Sukapura Village for our schools annual event : Bakti Desa. So, it’s about trying to live a life in the village as the villagers. All of 11th graders were sent to Sukapura to attend this event.
Before we went there, the students are divided into several groups with 4-5 person for each group, and I groups with Auzan, Rian, Adit and Ihsan, each group will stay in one family house. We were sent there for 4 days and supposed to help and join our family members doing their daily activities.

The First Day

We were gathered at school in the morning and went there by truck. Of course the truck is really crowded because of ourselves and our stuffs. The trip was quite boring (bcuz of traffic jam) and uncomfortable for me because of the crowd. But once we arrived there, I felt satisfied because the fresh air and nice views. Then we gathered in the Village Hall to have lunch and proceed to go their own family house. We didn’t do much on the first day because we just supposed take a rest, meet our family, and looking around the village. By the way, the head of our family is Mr. Adeng.
Oh right, in the evening, my group along with others group went to some farms with a great views and took some photo there.

The Second Day

On the second day, we were supposed to follow and help our family to do their job/duties (Farming). But unfortunately, our family took a day off on that day, so we didn’t have any job to do than washing the dishes. But later on, our friends from different house/family invited us to join and help them farming. So, rather than being such a lazy bum, we decided to join them.
We were asked to clean the farm by taking out the weeds/wild grass from the soil. It is really exhausting, because we had to work in the afternoon in the middle of the field/farm below the sun, and with worked with a hunchback position. We stopped before we finish taking out all the wild grass because we were supposed to take a bath for Jumaah, so we just say thanks and sorry for leaving early.
After praying and having a lunch with our family, we supposed to help our family again, but we still didn’t have anything to do beside doing the dishes because our family is taking a break from doing any job. So me and my groups went to others group house, we intended to help their family with their job, but we ended up having a meal, drank a coffee, and chilling because it’s raining outside.
Later in the evening, after the rain stopped, we decided to take a walk around the village but we ended up going to the nearby mountain. It’s really tiring of course, because the track and my slippery sandals, but we made it and took a photo there. But because it was almost sunset, we couldn’t enjoy the views for too long because we had to go our house.
I think that’s all for that day, we didn’t do much because our families day off. We just chilling, dinner, and resting for the rest of the day.

The Third Day

This was supposed to be our last day doing activities with our family because we will continue the event by camping in the nearby soccer field.
In the morning, there are some kind of health service in the village hall from my school (it’s part of the event), so our parents went there and the students getting prepared for distributing a groceries for the villagers.
After that, all the students were gathered in the soccer field to do the next event : Camping. I really didn’t want to, because think it’s unnecessary and pointless (seriously, what’s the point of camping only a few meters from the village?). There were no camping ever mentioned before, we just told to camping a few days before we go here.
But lucky me and my friends, the camping is canceled due the rain and the fog. We were asked to stay the night in our own house once more, so we did. We didn’t have anything to do after because the schedule is messed up.
In the night, our class decided to fill the boredom by gathering us for gathering night in Thalitas House. Of course we’re up for that, it’s really hard for our class to gathering together, I was really glad and excited for this gathering, even though in the end, some of our classmate wasn’t there for some reason. We had a dinner together that night, have a chit chat, sharing our thought of each other, sharing stories, playing truth or dare and many more. We stayed up til’ the next day, we just took a nap for a few hours.

The Fourth Day

This is the day we went home, our real home. We woke up in the morning, took a bath, packed, and say goodbye to our family. We took some photo with them before we leave. Then we went to the Hall and finally went to our school by truck again. And this event is officially over.
That’s all for this year Bakti Desa. We really had a good time there, good memories, great views, great experience, especially our class gathering night. I really hope we will have a similar gathering again soon.
Thanks for reading, I think i write too much for this post.


Babi Ngesot

                How is it going guys? Let’s talk about books. Even though i don’t read much book or novel (actually never did), but the first book I’d ever read (others than comic) is “Babi Ngesot”, yeah I know, it’s not even a novel, it just a Comedy, Personal Literature book by Raditya Dika, a famous blogger (before the fame), writer, and now a comedian, actor, and a producer.
Babi Ngesot is the 4th book by Raditya Dika which contain a comedy based of Dikas life. So it just basically something that happened to him, but he wrote it and make it more funny to entertain the readers.  There are 18 stories of his life in this book and I find all of them funny, that’s why I like to read this book (and his others books), even though I’m not into reading books.
There are a lot funny stories, such as his experience being bullied as a junior in his highschool, sleep paralysis, having a boil (Bisul) in the armpit, attempt to cure his possessed maid, first-blind date that goes wrong, and many more. Of course, those stories is well written and really funny, even the one about sleep paralysis, which supposed to be creepy (it kinda does actually).
Because I can’t write a summary of all the stories, so I’m just gonna write my favorite part from my favorite story : Java Cats. But of course, it won’t be that funny because I just retell it with my own words and in English. SPOILER AHEAD.
So, Java Cats is radits band when he was studying at Adelaide. It mostly tells about he gathered his band, they practiced together, and they sent their demo record to Sydney for Band Audition. Unexpectedly, their “Bengawan Solo” record is accepted and they can advance to the next round, which is to play on the stage in front of the judges in Sydney.
My favorite part is when they discussed about costume to wear on the stage seriously, and then Radit said “Let’s wear a Food Costume! Cesar and i gonna wear a bread costume, Darius wear a lettuce costume, and Gideon should wear a BANANA Costume. Then, in the end of our performance, we hug each other and we make a Sandwich!!”. Then his friend lose his patience and said “Well first of all, we’re discussing costumes seriously. Second, THERE ARE NO SUCH THING AS BANANA SANDWICH, DUMBASS!”
That was my favorite part and story. Come to think about it, it doesn’t sound so funny anymore because I wrote it. Well then you should read it yourself to make it funny.
So, in my opinion, this book is really funny and entertaining to read. But there are some jokes that overused in many part and it make those jokes less funny. But I doesn’t make the overall book any bad or unfunny, I still love this book as well as Radits others books. So I think it’s a good book/series for people that prefer light and funny material than the story-focused one, just like me.
So that’s all for today, i think I shoudn’t pick this book for this blog because it’s not a novel, but this is the only book I read and I can’t read a book that have pages as many as a Dictionary. So I can’t help but choose this book. But It’s worth to read ! I hope you have a good time reading this book (if you will).

Selasa, 17 November 2015

My Dream Job

Hello again everyone!
It’s been awhile since I’m talking about myself, but now, I’m gonna share about my dream job! Which is………………………… well I’m not sure what I want to be.
Yeah, I really not sure what is my dream job, I mean yeah, if someone ask me “what do you want to do for your living later?”, I’m gonna answer something like Programmer. But deep in my heart, I’m still not sure about it.
            Why? Well, first of all, I heard it from someone that if you pick a job that you like and you have “talent” for that job, you can be success, and by success, it doesn’t have to be that rich, just enough to make me ( and my family ) happy. So yeah, I kinda want to live like that, doing something you love and get money from it, just like PewDiePie, the most subscribed Youtubers in the world, make a lot of money just by doing his hobby : Gaming.
            Well of course it doesn’t mean I want to be like him, but I just want to make money by doing something I love.
And So, since I like computer, and I really enjoying learning anything about softwares, maybe it’s photoshop, corel draw, animating, coding or anything, I really like it even it’s kinda frustrating to learn. That’s why I want a job that require my computers software skills. But there are a lot job that require it, and I haven’t find the job that I have both passion and talent.
About passion, I really like doing something about creating art, especially animating. I really love animating before learning it, I like to watch some stickfigure animation from internet, and then I decided to learn to make stickfigure animation from “Hyun”, he is a famous stickfigure animator and he made an animating tutorial in Youtube (I’m gonna leave the link to his channel below). So then, I try to animating, I learn more and more, I can make a simple fighting animation or simple effect or simple animation, I can make a simple program with the same software too. But now, it’s kinda hard for me to improve my animating skill, because I’m really bad at drawing or imagining the “art” I want to make. That’s why I only can make a stickfigure animation, while others type of animation require a drawing skills. So, I think a job being animator doesn’t suit me. So I just keep my “animating” skill for hobby.
one of my favorite stickfigure animation : SHOCK 3 by Terkoiz
            Beside animating, I think I like messing up with Corel Draw and designing something like Poster, Pamphlet, or something like that, so sometimes I want to be a graphic designer, web designer or any digital designer. But again, my hardcore drawing skill says no. because those kind of job REALLY need a drawing skill, and all I can do is just “copying” some design from google and recreate it by myself. So nope, i just keep my “designing” skill for homework and tasks.
Graphic Designer
            Then, my other “skill” in computer is video editing. This is the one that I think I really have talent and I love doing it. And one of my “art” that i really love is from video editing even though I like animating more. But I don’t know why, but I don’t want to have job in cinematic world. I just love doing it, it just give me pleasure by just finishing a video/film.
Movie Editor
            And the last, is Programmer. It’s like making a program, game, or any other software. I never learn about programing before, I just know a really simple coding with actionscript 2. But, since I know programming/coding require a logic skill, I think I can learn it, and maybe I will enjoy it, because I always enjoy almost anything I learn from computer. So that’s why if anyone ask what is my dream job, I’m gonna answer : Programmer.
Phew, that’s a lot of word just to describe my dream job. I hope I will happy doing my job in the future while still making a lot of money. And I hope all or some of my Hobby I write above will be my job in the future.

That’s all for today, thanks for reading my article. Bye!

http://stickpage.com/terkoizseries.shtml  - Terkoizs Stickpage Link ( Cool animation )
https://www.youtube.com/user/FlyingPanda1990 - Hyuns Youtube Channel ( Cool animation + tuts )

Selasa, 08 September 2015


“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”-          Dalai Lama XIV (Buddhism)

So there are so many quotes about peace. So many people’s explanation and analysis about peace. And I choose this one because that’s what i think about peace.
There are so many quotes that state peace is all about lack of war, lack of fighting, racism, discrimination, etc. and everyone loved each other. I think this peace will never achieved, I think that is too much and nearly impossible to stop someone from hating.
Why? Because basically, humans are an aggressive creature that love violence. People want to be respected, they want power, they want to be loved. And humans are born to love and hate. Humans have mood. Humans have anger. AND humans born with a various character.
Now imagine, if there is someone who want to be respected first, he doesn’t want to respect anyone before they respect him, and of course many people will hate him, and others  will let him be like that because it seems “normal”,  or maybe there are some people that agree with his attitude, we may never know. Then people will start argue about this, and then they will hate each other too.
Now imagine if he meet someone like him, they both want to be respected first, and they’ll end up hating each other. And now imagine, there are 7 billion people in this earth, many of them could be this selfish guy. And boom! There will be a lot of hate all around the world.
This is only one case, there are so many other cases that will cause people hate each others such as racism, religion, or maybe arguing about which is the best pets : Cats or dogs. Believe me, I’ve seen someone fighting over that silly thing. I mean, really? How can we love each others if we fight over that kind of thing?

Oh well, I’ve been talking about hate like I don’t believe in peace. Well I do, I want peace. But I think forcing people to make peace is not the right way. Because I think that is the problem!!
Many people think that peace is something that people can give to others. They demand peace from government or from others people. People want peace like they want respect. They ask for peace while doing some violence.

 Peace is a condition! Peace is a state of mind! Peace is how your heart and brain feel. Peace is : 

freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility” –oxford dictionary.
We make peace from ourselves, we make it for ourselves. Peace is achieved, not given. And peace can achieved by understanding.
SO, if a people try to understanding themselves, he will achieve his own peace. Then he can start to understand the others, and letting the others to understand themselves. That is peace. It’s our feeling, we make it ourselves, not asking the others.
So the conclusion from my analysis is, we will never achieve world peace or something like that, because there are so many people with so many character and point of view over everything. But, we can make a peace for ourselves, by understanding ourselves and others.
"Peace cannot be kept by force - it can only be achieved by understanding"- Albert Einstein

Selasa, 25 Agustus 2015

A Great Leader

         "A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit" -Arnold H.Glaslow
             Leader. Leader is not only about position. Leader is the one that have power or authority to change people below him to become a better group or person. A great leader is the one who would sacrifice himself and take responsibility as the leader of some group. It’s not that easy to be a great leader. There are many things to develop from ourselves to become a great leader.
                First, a great leader must have the ability to influence others. It’s because the leader has to move and change his people to become a better person. A leader can’t work alone and need the help from his people but sometimes his people doesn’t care and doesn’t want to work with the leader. So, with the ability to influence others, the leader can move and make his people work together with him.
                Second, a great leader must have a strong principle. Why? A leader without a principle will feel not sure about the steps that he would take or his opinion. Then, he will easily influenced by the others. Meanwhile, a great leader is the one who influence, not influenced.
                Third, a great leader is the one who want to learn by doing. He never afraid to try something new. He will learn from everything that happen around him. He want to be part of something big. He want to try anything and look for experience, especially experience about leading. Then, he will learn from his mistake and experience or even other people’s and become a better leader.
                Lastly, a great leader is the one who would sacrifice himself for a good cause. He take the responsibility and get blamed if one of his people make a mistake. He won’t blame his people, but take the blame and responsibility, then encourage his people and learn the mistake together. AND, a great leader will take less of his credit for something his group did, but give the credit to his people.
                Of course there are many others criteria to become a great leader, including his intelligence, speeching ability, etc. But, those criteria above is the criteria that will make a leader respected by his people as the great leader. Because, a leader must influence the other, and before that, he has to be respected. Then, he can change and move his people to become a better person and he will remembered as A Great Leader

These criteria are inspired by :
Bramanda Dwi Putra, chairman of extracurricular MK3 2014-2015